Be Informed.
Be Smart.
Be Sure.

Because Trust is the most valuable and rarest currency.

Spartera secure transactions using automation adding an extra layer of security on the blockchain, whatever the type of funds you want to use.

Recover coins send to the wrong wallet, cancelling investment based on KPI are a few exemple of what Spartera can do for you.

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Built for all Investors

Spartera offer a space where entrepreneurs and supporters can exchange and work together toward their goals.

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Developed to be robust

Developed carefully with security as our main objective, Spartera is safe, simple, and secure.

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Code is law

The first platform to offer a fully automated insurance, providing a security layer for investors during funding, and protect their funds from misuse.

Empowering your Security.

Because everyone need to feel safe when using cryptocurrency, Spartera develop a range of tools that help you get control of your money.



Find the right connection, from the leading innovators and leaders, to the people who are dabbling for the first time.



A dashboard offering modern tools simple to use, tailored to your need.



With Spartera, you get a better reach, an easier presentation, and a range of incentive tools to help you find the project that suit you.


Follow early stage projects

Find a creative project in development, and work among themselves in various form.


Instant Counterpart

Every time you use Spartera technology, you receive an instant equivalent of SPT token directly in your wallet.


SmartSend, allows users to safely garantee any type of transaction. Simply fill SmartSend with some indicators or KPI and send your transaction to feel instanlty safe.



Our team is focused on building Spartera as a community project. Spartera members can connect, invest, and exchange knowledge more efficiently and securely through our platform. Members can now eliminate traditional barriers and invest safely in an efficient, transparent, and secure way.


creates value for .

Because new opportunities can be risky, you need to engage with them and check their terms.

Spartera platform is the omnichannel solution for crypto investments.

With proven technology that guides seamless communication, you connect with the project, discuss with the community, get fresh news on the cryptocurrency market and invest safely on your terms.

All within a single, powerful app.
Simple to administer, tailored to your needs.

Marketplace dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors

Our technologies allow you to benefit from your skills to respond to paid proposition and get your money as soon as the work is verified. No more unpaid bounty.

Quadratic Voting

Spartera aims to bring transparency and legitimacy to the blockchain with incentive vote, our system make project manager accountable of their promises and motivates them to set realistic expectations (KPI).

Spartera Token

Spartera offers members the possibility to have a full fruition of their invested funds waiting for the completion of the funding thanks to the Spartera Token.


Spartera allow the community to self-direct leads to get more interaction with projects, share thought about projects ideas, and a better information for a greater investment power.

The hottest place for the crypto community.

Spartera has created a user interface that aligned with our omnichannel methodology, creating a cohesive user experience.
You gain access to a bundle of tools that allows individuals or organization to benefit from blockchain technology assuming little to Zero knowledge and experience with programming. Spartera is a user friendly platform.

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